Remoto + Charm for Heart is a collaboration between two local Chicago artists, Yaloo and Pablo Monterrubio.

Yaloo is a Korean/American visual and media artist and Pablo is a Mexican/American filmmaker and media artist. This summer, as part of an intensive program at High Concept Labs, Pablo and Yaloo will collaborate to create a truly unique immersive interactive haunted media art experience in Chicago based on their extensive research by combining two of their existing individual projects: Pablo Monterrubio’s Remoto and Yaloo’s Charm for Heart.

What is Remoto?​

Remoto is an immersive interactive media art installation for which Pablo invented a new video system that utilizes video headsets that receive radio signals transmitting live video from multiple security cameras. Remoto gives visitors the
experience of seeing themselves in real time from a removed perspective. Viewers contemplate themselves in a fully mediated space that shifts traditional notions of identity and self and destabilizes binaries such as viewer/viewed, here/there, individual/
collective and human/machine.

What is Charm for Heart?​

Charm for Heart is a video sculpture series that challenges contemporary shapes and textures of romance from our daily media experience. Yaloo creates an alternative cinematic experience of romance in a physical space via projection mapping and virtual reality installations. Yaloo’s video collages depict the universality, magic, and horror of romance.

Our back story:
In October 2016, Pablo invited Yaloo to an intensive road trip across the United States to visit the best haunted attractions.

In 4 weeks, they visited more than 35 attractions in 13 States. The reason for the trip was to do research on a specific genre of
immersive, multi-sensorial interactive installation that Pablo and Yaloo believe has a lot of potential for experimentation in the context of art. Pablo and Yaloo have continued studying and working within the realm of theme park and immersive experience design.

In October 2017, Pablo premiered his Remoto System at Art Space Kneet in the heart of Seoul, South Korea. The project was a big success and received a lot positive feedback from the audience. Yaloo has been experimenting with virtual reality and projection mapping on shaped screens in different cities throughout the world.

"We believe it is important to make engaging accessible artwork that also stimulates
introspection/outrospection through new perspectives. We are examining the relationships
between our bodies and space (real or unreal), our bodies and ourselves, and ourselves and
others. This ambitious multidisciplinary project will blend together and transform many different
levels of media and reality for a unique third-eye-opening experience.”

-Artists Pablo Monterrubio and Yaloo